BIG & BOOTIFUL: Decisions .. Book One

Well its all happening this end now…

I have now got my cover for Big & Bootiful: Decisions (Book One) and I am delighted 🙂
The model is just stunningly beautiful and exactly how I envisaged Brianna to be in my head and the design gives a hint of the story to be told between the pages inside.

The book is under edit with the lovely lovely Grace Bell of Gracie House Editing & Marketing and I am just tweaking  a few bits before Grace can do the final checks for me and Big & Bootiful can go live on Amazon 🙂

Am so so excited about this book especially as its my first foray into erotica fiction… so what’s the story you may ask?
Well you need to read the book to find out but here is a low-down for you….

‘Brianna is stunningly beautiful … for a big girl? But she can’t see it herself. Happily married to Steve she thought it was love for life, until death us do part ..but life has that habit of throwing a spanner in the works. Brianna was forced to make decisions about her future … decisions that had huge consequences … she wasn’t ready to love again or commit to another relationship yet she discovered she had fallen for a man so far out of her league. But how do her life decisions affect her relationship with the one man who can set the world to rights for her? Would she ever find true love and happiness again? After all big girls deserve respect and love as much as anyone else don’t they?’

If you are wondering how I got the title… well… I had the utter priviledge of having a song written for me back in 2014/15 by the wonderful Lyn Sheppard of Positive Impulse Studios Ltd in Chesterfield, Derbyshire – I sang the song called Big & Bootiful and it is on iTunes, Amazon and Google play for download if anyone would like it. Its a superb size positive track about how Big can be Bootiful and big girls can enjoy and have just as much fun in sex and romance if the boys just give them a chance.

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Facebook I feel is like the Great Divide – it attracts keyboard warriors, paranoia, unpleasantness, misunderstood comments, bullying, victimisation, sadness/sorrow, rudeness, jealousy and adultery – but on the flip side it also brings joy, happiness, contact with friends and family, rekindling of long lost love and friendships, knowledge/education, fun, laughter, lots of trivia, some profundness, and networking 🙂

I love Facebook as it is so many things – but I don’t enjoy the darker side of it..  From time to time I have had my moments on there – when I guess I have been a little opinionated (something I was not aware I was until recently!) but as a close friend pointed out I am opinionated in a good way – when I see an injustice – or misinformation being spread around the internet, or when I know 100% I am right LOL. but them I realised we are all opinionated after all are we not?

Someone today has made a passing comment that they weren’t sure it was proper or right for a woman to write adult erotica – I was a little agog at this – surely anyone can write about any topic they wish – so then this got me musing – is there a stigma attached to women writing adult erotica or other genres? I would have thought that we were just as capable if not more so to write about sex and its complications 🙂

So I went for a browse round the internet and can up with a few other blogs and viewpoints….
Popsugar wrote about the new Editor of the Erotic Review magazine and her opinion that men write better sex..
Author Martin Amis believes women do write better sex…

So it seems the world is still divided on that score!