Divina grew up in Cornwall playing in the farm yard and learning all about animals and breeding/rearing from farmers, farm hands and vets. She cannot remember a time when there wasn’t an animal of some sort on her life. Her father unusually taught her to knit and her Nan to crochet though she never grasped the complexity of sewing.

She went on to breed and exhibit budgerigars – cats – dogs and rabbits through her lifetime. She currently breeds and exhibits Netherland Dwarf rabbits and with nearly  half an acre of ground she also has room for her pet chickens – dogs – African grey parrot – 5 x Red Foot tortoises and a pain in the proverbial elderly Exotic Shorthair cat! Now in her 50s’ Divina decided to share her life experiences and knowledge with others who also wanted to learn so she started writing.

Her first published book was ‘Pictorial Guide To Identifying Chihuahua Colours‘  … She was the first to admit that though her content was thorough she knew nothing about layout and formatting etc so she regards this book as her learning curve but it still proved popular selling over 1000 copies. This is currently out of print while Divina works on a Second Edition with new information and photos.

Her second published work was ‘Breeding Merles Responsibly‘  … Divina became increasingly concerned about the number of dog breeders jumping on the merle bandwagon as the gene is not the easiest to understand and needs breeding with care. After 2 years of research and 3 years of breeding merle Chihuahuas herself she finally felt qualified to write this book and come up with a responsible merle breeding plan for any breed of dog.
This book is still available on Amazon : Buy Breeding Merles Responsibly on Amazon

Her third published book released November 2016 took over a year to research and get together, this was ‘Colour & Pattern Varieties of the Netherland Dwarf Rabbit‘ … This book she feels is her best yet and covers the identification of Netherland Dwarf colours and patterns as well as an extensive chapter on the genetics of them.
The book has been met worldwide with enthusiasm within Breeder circles as it fills a much needed gap in the market. It made No1 New Release on Amazon under the Pet category within the first week of its release and continues to be a ‘wish list’ purchase for rabbit lovers and breeders.
You can buy this book on Amazon: BUY Colour & Pattern Varieties of the Netherland Dwarf – CLICK HERE

Divina is now branching out into fiction and currently working on her first erotic novel – we can’t wait to see what she comes up with!